Saturday, May 24, 2014

Duniya Men, Paise Bina, Kaise Hum Jiyenge

Devata was released in 1978, which was a below average kind of a year for Pancham - as far as number of releases are concerned. Surprisingly, post the release of Sholay in 1975 and despite its mega-success, for next 3-4 years, his average number of movie releases were just about 10-11. Comparatively, he had composed for 18-19 movies every year between 1971 till 1975. Perhaps he became more selective post Sholay.

Coming back to 1978, apart from Devata, there were a few more, very noteworthy & successful releases, which found RD in his full elements. These were Ghar, Kasme Vaade & Shalimaar. I will surely get to those compositions, but just now, would love to play a song from another Dharmendra starrer from that year - Phande Baaz.

In 1977, RD & Rafi had got together - after a long time - to create Kya Hua Tera Wada. Phande Baaz was another movie where he used Rafi's voice - this time for Dharmendra. Of course, the movie, a social comedy also had Kishore Kumar singing Abhi Gyarah Nahin Baje Hain to suit Dharmendra's comic avataar.

The pick of the compositions was however a duet by Rafi & Lata. The composition has an earnestness, and a sweet sound, and RD's idea to introduce a whistle & humming at the end of each stanza, adds that little special touch which he was known for. Listen to this as Moushmi tries to make an honest man out of "Phande Baaz" Dharmendra:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gulmohar Gar Tumhara Naam Hota...

This was indeed a long break - unintended though. Somehow, with the cacophonous discourse of the ongoing election, it was difficult to sit back and appreciate good music. Nature however took over in last couple of weeks - specially in Mumbai, as the scorching heat in the bargain added a lovely scarlet red hue to all the green patches.

The season of Gulmohurs is here!. This brings to the mind one of the loveliest melodies from Pancham. This is from Devata - a movie made in 1978 starring Sanjeev Kumar & Shabana Azmi in the lead roles.

The song is penned by Gulzar in his inimitable style, (who else could have used a phrase like Diya jala hai chand ka) and sung by Kishore & Lata. The composition is very simple, beginning at a fast pace, before easing out to a lovely beat. RD's choice of instruments add that lilting silken touch of romance- which otherwise was fast losing space to loud & blaring music in late 70s.

So here it is - watch Rakesh Roshan wooing one of the most beautiful & graceful actresses of my teen years - Sarika. Watch it in HD format to really appreciate her - and the Gulmohurs.

Sham ke gulabee se aanchal me

Ek diya jala hai chand kaa
Mere un bina uska kahan chand nam hota
Gulmohar gar tumhara nam hota