Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nodir Pare Utchhe Dhoa

Maati Mange Khoon, a multi-starrer with Shatrughan SInha, Reena Roy & Rekha in the lead, was released in 1984. It was an otherwise forgettable movie, and people did precisely that, with only noteworthy feature being Ghulam Ali's classic "Yeh Dil Yeh Paagal Dil Mera", an original composition of Ghulam Ali, where RD re-touched the interludes to suit the situation. There were a few Mujra songs too - all on Rekha - one being "Lo Saheb Phir Bhool Gayi Main".

Last week, while listening to some of Bangla renditions of Pancham himself, I came across a gem, which was released a couple of years after Maati Mange Khoon. I am not sure as to which one was the inspiration, Yet, I am so awestruck with this Bangla composition as well as its rendition, that for once I am not playing the Hindi version at all

The song has a very sufi-ish rendition, for which he used deep percussions, strumming of guitar, and flanging, and.. then to match it all, himself, like never before. This is one song, where he is able to portray the sense of loss in a way that is as melancholic as was Sachin Da when he sang for Bandini - Mere Saajan Hain Us Paar. 

The Pooja nights are over. but I still feel intoxicated & immersed in this song. I think I would rather go back to listening it again, and perhaps that is what you will prefer to - experiencing his magic. So here it is:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Deewana Karke Chhodoge / Ami Bole Tumay Dur Thako

Another night of Durga Pooja and here is another combination. This is one of the only two songs that Lata sang in Bangla for Pancham, but there are two reasons for me to showcase this combination today - for two persons whose birth anniversary falls on 1st October. It is interesting that these two not only shared their birthday, but also happen to play very important roles in Pancham's life as well as career.

One was Sachin Da, who obviously being the father, and also a genius music composer himself, imparted his creativity to his son. The years Pancham acted as an assistant to his father's movies, also perhaps gave him an opportunity to hone his own talent.

Originally this composition was one of the few tunes composed by RD for his debut album for Durga Pooja of 1965. The reason he made his debut, despite not being too comfortable, was because for some reason, Sachin da in that year chose to cut a pooja album only of the songs penned by his wife. Bangla lyricist Pulak Banerjee, who wanted an abum with Sachin da, finally chose two of the compositions of RD for that year's album. Both the songs were sung by Lata  and were instant hits, Both were used by Pancham in later years as the base for his Hindi compositions. One of the song was "Ami Bole Tumay Dur Thako", a very sweetish composition, that starts with just a few notes of Guitar, but has some very interesting interludes that uses Sax and other western instruments. You can hear it at the end of the post, but before that let me speak about that other person., who shares 1st October as birth anniversary with Sachin Da.

He was one of the most prolific lyricist & very sensitive poet of all times - Majrooh Sultanpuri. Majrooh was the one who introduced Pancham to Nasir Hussain, and thus started alongwith them a journey at Teesri Manzil in 1966 which en-route went on to enthrall the music lovers through a roller coaster ride right upto early 80s.

One of the movies Majrooh did with RD was Mere Jeevan Sathi - a movie that was released in 1972 at the height of Kaka's popularity and yet was perhaps his first major flop.

For one of the duets of the movie, Pancham used the basic tune of "Ami Bole Tumay.." but made it peppier, lengthened the prelude itself - which has tune of another song from the movie - chala jaata hoon -, added flamboyance to match the Guru shirt wearing Rajesh Khanna, and again used Sax, Trumpet & Guitar, alongwith lovely Bongo beats, added special touches like that of slowing down of tempo to end each stanza - and the song, alongwith other songs of the movie has remained an all time hit. It was one of the few exceptions of Hindi cinema where the music went on to become a super hit, despite movie being a flop.

Here is the compositions I am talking about:

First, Kishore & Lata, singing Deewana Karke Chhodoge...

...and here is the original Bangla version