Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dar Ke Jeena Hai Koi Jeena Yaaron..

Though Javed Akhtar and R D Burman were part of a number of movies, beginning from Seeta Aur Geeta of 1972, their collaboration as a lyricist & music composer began more than a decade later, after Javed Akhtar broke up with Salim, and also started writing lyrics. As a result, there are very few movies where they both worked together.

For the artists like these however the quantity is immaterial. Even in these few movies, their team had started making an impact.

Like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar has also been a poet with an acute sense to capture the sensibilities & language of the young generation & turn it into lyrics. His Hum Hain Naye Andaaz Kyun Ho Purana from the 2002 release Dil Chahta Hai was one such song that went on to become the anthem of a whole post-liberalisation generation.

Much before that there was another such anthem penned by him - reflecting the social settings of a different India - an India of mid eighties, which had gone through a decade long textile mill strike, unemployment, corruption, and rising anger in the aspiring youngsters of lower-middle class. The lyrics from the movie Arjun, a slice from the life in the city, were reflection of the rebellious mood, and hence also needed a composition to match it. Who better than Pancham - a born rebel?

The song itself was on a unique situation - a street fight - perhaps inspired by west-side story. But since the situation warranted, after a long time, he again created a long prelude that begins with whistling tune, added clicking of fingers, and as the tension builds up, kept adding the instruments, even using chorus, till the prelude reaches a crescendo. Even the interludes keep up the tempo & energy - using Tabla and flute among other instruments, while the gang of youngsters, led by Sunny Deol, moves across the Mumbai city, lip-syncing to Shailendra Singh singing:

Ghar ne jo dil se nikala humen
In raasto ne hai pala humen
Muskara ke hum jhelte hain gham
Ro ke beete woh koi zindagi hai kya
Duniya mane bura to goli maro
Dar ke jeena hai koi jeena yaaron

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