Friday, December 27, 2013

Maanga Hai Tumhe, Duniya Ke Liye...

Rajesh Khanna
He was the first star of Hindi cinema to attain a success that could be called nothing but Super-stardom. 

Starting with Aradhana in 1969, he gave a series of solo hits – almost 15 movies, over next 3 years. Such was his success that Dharmendra, playing himself in Hrishikesh Mukherji’s ‘Guddi’, had to say – Aaj kal to sab sirf Rajesh Khanna ke fan hote hain.. 

All his hit movies had one thing in common - great music. From Aradhana, where he started his journey on the road to success singing to his heroine in an open jeep - a SD movie but with major inputs from RD to RD's sollo works in The Train, Amar Prem & Kati Patang - each of the movie carried within itself songs that added to his charisma and style.

Interestingly, and sadly, his first major flop after these many hits also had RD at his best. Unlike other flop movies though, the soundtrack of the movie went on to become much bigger hit - forever. Each of the songs has a special quality that RD alone could have come up with - specially this one - an Anthem for all the guys in love & wanting to serenade their lady.

This is a song, whose tune haunted RD so much one night that he got up at Four in the morning & composed the tune. True to the quality of the tune are the verse - penned by Majrooh after the tune was created, sung by Kishore in his inimitable matchless style. 

So here is the song on Rajesh Khanna, as part of a series on his birth anniversary on Sunday,with him singing to - oh, so beautiful (no wonder, one of my most favourite actresses) - Tanuja, in Mere Jeevan Sathi:

Yun to akelaa hi aqsar, Gir ke sambhal sakataa hoon main
Tum jo pakad lo haath meraa, Duniyaa badal sakataa hoon main
Maagaa hai tumhe duniyaa ke liye
Ab kud hi sanam faisalaa kijiye
O Mere Dil Ke Chain...

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